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What is a Highly Sensitive Person Coach?

I'm a transpersonal life coach who specializes in coaching those who relate to being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Through a series of coaching sessions, which might be short or long-term, we work together to explore ways to empower you to step into your authentic gifts and thrive in your HSP trait. We do this by developing an awareness of your core beliefs, values and purpose.

We engage in practices to cultivate a solid sense of Self so that you can engage with the parts of yourself which might be struggling with anxiety, overwhelm or other difficult emotions. As a result of receiving the coaching sessions, you will begin to develop greater self-compassion and integrate mindful awareness into your day-to-day life.

As a transpersonal and integrative coach for Highly Sensitive People I'm specifically focused on helping HSP tap into a higher source, one which enables them to connect with their innate purpose and reason for being. I perceive the HSP's struggles in life as lessons which often propel us onto a path of deeper healing and transformation.

What is HSP, and why might we need coaching?

It's estimated that around 20-30% of the population are Highly Sensitive. It is an innate trait which means we process information deeply, have high levels of empathy, are sensitive to subtleties in our environment and tend to get overstimulated when in overwhelming situations. From my experience, being HSP means that our emotional landscape is deep and diverse, and we feel strong emotions which can be labelled as both positive and negative.

As HSP we have the ability to really thrive in life and research has found that we tend to respond very well to interventions – more so than someone who is not highly sensitive. This means coaching is a really effective way for us to heal and transform the parts of ourselves that might be struggling and enable us to step into our authentic potential.

There are everyday things we struggle with as HSP – we tend to struggle with emotional overwhelm – sometimes feel stress, anxiety and burnout, we often need support with setting healthy boundaries, and we tend to be perfectionists or lack self-compassion. I have found many of us who had difficult childhood can suffer from a wounded inner child or have parts of ourselves that we need to heal and integrate.

How can coaching help them?

Coaching for HSP begins with healing and exploring our inner world so that we can feel more empowered to be the authentic selves we were born into this world to be. It's also about developing tools and resources that we can use in our day-to-day lives – especially in our relationships with others at home and in our places or work. HSP coaching is also about finding a life that is aligned with our authentic nature and connecting with our deeper soul purpose and calling. This is so important for those of us who are HSP because, without this more profound sense of purpose and connection, we can feel hopeless, disempowered and struggle to make sense of our experience.

How is HSP different from other types of coaching?

It's so important to have a coach who recognises and understands the lived experience of being highly sensitive. I have found that without this knowledge or awareness, many coaches, therapists or mentors can dismiss our lived experience or not truly understand what it means. It's so important for our experience to be heard, seen and validated and this is one of the core reasons HSP coaching is so important. HSP coaching is centred and led by you – as a coach I am simply a guide who holds a sacred container where your transformation can occur.

Transperson coaching is all about recognising that we are on a psycho-spiritual journey of individuation that is about connecting to our core self and acknowledging that all we need is already within us. Transpersonal coaching is also about integrating the spiritual dimension and working on all levels of our being – we integrate rather than disregard experiences that we can't always make sense of – such as experiences of spiritual awakening or connecting with the divine.

Where to find a HSP Coach?

There are many different HSP coaches out there. If you're interested in exploring transpersonal life coaching, you can book a free 1-1 introductory call here, or check out our directory to explore other types of coaches who specialise in different areas of support such as nutrition, HSP men, business coaching and much more.

If you're a coach or interested to learn more about coaching HSP you can download an introductory guide to Coaching Highly Sensitive People here >>

About the Author

Jules De Vitto, MAEd, MSc Certified Transpersonal Coach and Educator

Jules De Vitto has a BSc in Psychology, MA in Education and MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality. She is an accredited and certified Transpersonal Coach for HSP, Authentic-Self-Empowerment Facilitator, as well as an experienced trainer and educator.

She is the founder of the Highly Sensitive Human Academy™ which provides quality courses and certified training for Highly Sensitive People all over the globe. She helps those who identify with the traits of high sensitivity to navigate emotional overwhelm, step into their authentic power and align with their true purpose in life.

She is a published author who wrote ‘Resilience: Navigating Loss in a Time of Crisis’ which provides practical resources to cultivate greater resilience and find greater meaning and purpose through times of crisis. She has published her research in the peer-reviewed journal Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology.

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