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1-1 Coaching Sessions For Highly Sensitive People

Transpersonal Coaching sessions for Highly Sensitive People who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Through 1-1 coaching, you can learn how to feel more confident and empowered as a HSP

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person you might find yourself wanting to feel more confident, empowered and able to embrace your authentic gifts.


Many of us, Highly Sensitive People, can struggle with feeling ‘flawed’ somehow - society has told us from a young age that it’s wrong to be ‘sensitive’ and that we need to fit into a mould or particular way of being. This caused many of us to grow up lacking confidence and self-esteem. 


I believe so strongly that societal beliefs around sensitivity need to change because if you are a highly sensitive person, you shouldn’t need to be struggling in this way - you have so many beautiful gifts to share with the world.


I understand how difficult it is - when I was in my early 20s, I thought there was something ‘wrong’ with me because I felt more sensitive to the world around me. I’d need more time than my friends or colleagues to recover and seemed to think about things on a deeper level. 


Trying to fit into another way of being - according to the expectations around me - caused me to feel overwhelmed and burnout. This is why I became interested in psychology and coaching and went on to study the tools and techniques, and a way of being in the world which enabled me to navigate emotional overwhelm and feel more confident as a HSP.


Over my years of coaching, I’ve found there are key areas that HSP tend to struggle with and what I love doing, more than anything, is holding an empathetic and compassionate space for HSP to transform and work with parts that are holding onto limiting beliefs so you can feel more empowered and confident as a HSP. When you do this inner work you’ll find yourself improving relationships, able to set healthier boundaries and feel a greater sense of belonging - you’re not alone in this! You will take steps towards fulfilling the purpose you were born into this world for. 


If it doesn’t feel right for you, I will point you in the direction of other resources, the most important thing is that you’ve reached out. From my experience, trying to do this inner work alone can be paralysing and only takes much longer for us to transform, heal and process. 


If you’re curious to find out more, all you need to do is book a 30-minute introductory call to see if my coaching is right for you.


You can click below to schedule this free introductory call.


30-Minute Introductory Call

Schedule a free 30-minute Zoom/Phone Call


Here are some of the key areas that the sessions can support you with:


  • Feeling more grounded and connecting with your core Self.

  • Managing difficult emotions.

  • Setting healthy boundaries.

  • Cultivating self-compassion and prioritising self-care.

  • Communicating your feelings and needs.

  • Connecting with your core values and purpose.

  • Going beyond the limitations of your ego.

  • Integrating the shadow or parts of yourself that you find difficult to accept/embrace.

Here's How to Get Started...

Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute discovery call. You can do that right here.

At the scheduled time of your discovery call, we’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.


Have questions? Email me at:

1-hour Coaching Session

Book a 1-1 60-minute coaching session (online)

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