The Highly Sensitive Hub is a growing community for highly sensitive people. When you join the Hub you will be guided on your journey as a highly sensitive person, learn how to step into your authentic power, build resilience and navigate the challenges that can often come with being a Highly Sensitive Person.

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Are you....

  • Tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed

  • Struggling to get through the day without feeling exhausted or energetically depleted

  • Worried that you’re ‘over-reacting’ to situations

  • Consumed by, or unable to manage difficult emotions

  • Finding it difficult to set boundaries or say ‘no’ to commitments

  • Unable to prioritize your self-care or put other people’s needs before your own

  • Experiencing physical pain, tension, headaches or unexplained aches in the body

  • Feeling disconnected from your authenticity or that you’re hiding your true self.

  • Burnt out to the point where you know something has to change.

If you relate to any (or all!) of these, then the Highly Sensitive Hub is going to be perfect for you! You will feel more empowered, confident and resilient while also valuing your authentic traits!

Each month a new bundle will be released  offering essential skills to feel more empowered in your day-to-day life. You will be guided through your journey step-by-step and offered tools which you immediately implement in your day-to-day life. You’ll be able to navigate difficult emotions with more ease and presence, handle conflict with greater compassion, steps into a life that is aligned with your purpose and find greater overall purpose and meaning.


More Confidence

You feel more confident in your day-to-day life and are able to use mindfulness practices to regulate and feel in charge of your emotions.

Emotional Balance

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions you are able to navigate them more easily, neither feeling too overwhelmed or disconnected from them..

Healthy Boundaries

You are able to set healthy boundaries in your relationships, with family and at work, which enables you to show up for others in a more authentic way.

A Supportive Community

You are part of a supportive community that understands you and is here to help advocate and empower you to be fully who you are!

Know your Strengths

You cultivate your strengths as a highly sensitive person, bringing these unique qualities into your relationships and workplace; enabling you to step into your true purpose in life.

Better Relationships

You are able to communicate and express your feelings and needs in a more compassionate and healthy way. You can solve conflicts more easily and the quality of your relationships at home and at work have massively improved.

Alligned with your Purpose

You feel more alligned with your authentic self and are able to make decisions which resonate with your true purpose in life.

feel empowered


You will feel confident in communicating your needs and expressing your feelings in a compassionate and empathetic way.

Personal Desk







When you enroll in the membership site you don’t just get the bundles, the step-by-step lessons, videos and downloads... you also get the best of me. 

I am personally invested in your journey - helping you to feel more empowered and resilient as a HSP.

I’ve +4 years of experience helping clients like you to apply mindfulness techniques and others practises to succeed and feel more empowered. I also have +11 years of teaching experience and so I know how to prepare engaging and well-paced content!

I know the ups and downs you can face and so I’ve incorporated my years of expertise (from being a teacher and coach). You also get access to monthly LIVE workshops, (link here) a private Facebook group (link here) a forum and a growing community of Highly Sensitive People.

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“I always feel very happy calm and balanced when coming away and I always look forward to the next workshops!"


—  Jenny, London, UK 

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