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Magdalena Waldoch

Magdalena's mission is to empower Highly Sensitive Women in the process of change, embodying sensitivity in their lives and tapping into serenity.

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Magdalena's Bio

I'm a Certified Coach for Highly Sensitive People, a former trainer (L&D), a Restorative Yoga Teacher, and a personally passionate yoga practitioner. I've come a long way to reprogram and revalue my life. Burnout, career change, rebuilding my life and values from scratch. 

Now, my mission is to help you, so you discover your full potential and remodel your life in alignment with your needs as an HSP. So you avoid getting burned out or you heal from it with a whole new perspective.

I bring together a Transpersonal perspective, integrating body, mind, and soul, various coaching modalities, years of experience, and relaxation techniques. My practice is oriented toward the Polyvagal Theory and the Internal Family System model and it is trauma-informed.

Education & Qualifications

- Certified Highly Sensitive Person Coach
- Co-Active coaching - Fundamentals
- Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher
- Yoga practitioner
- Internal Family System Immersion - PESI (and ongoing education)
- Experienced former trainer (L&D)
- Master of Art, history of the Literature

Work with Magdalena

Magdalena offers in-person sessions in the Netherlands.

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