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Jules' new book, Resilience: Navigating Loss in a Time of Crisis is part of 'The Resilience Series' -  a collaboration by ten authors of Changemakers Books in response to the 2020 coronavirus epidemic. Each concise volume offers expert advice and practical exercises for mastering specific skills and abilities to make readers more resilient in a time of crisis.

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Navigating Loss in a Time of Crisis

This book explores the many forms of loss that can happen in times of crisis -   ranging from loss of business, financial security, routine, structure to the deeper losses of meaning, purpose or identity.


The author draws on her background in transpersonal psychology, integrating spiritual insights and mindfulness practices to take the reader on a journey in which to help them navigate the stages of uncertainty that follow loss. The book provides several practical activities, guided visualization and meditations to cultivate greater resilience, courage and strength and also explores the potential to find greater meaning and purpose through times of crisis.

An extremely valuable resources for all highly Sensitive People who are looking for techniques to build resilience and finding meaning and purpose through times of crisis


" I really like this book. It rings true, compassionate, kind, and insightful. I especially like her personal sharing – of her departure after six years in Shanghai to come home to London and then, suddenly, the coronavirus lockdown, and the lessons of transition, loss and grief she learned along the way; I like the story she tells about her Italian grandfather’s POW experience and how he and fellow prisoners transcended their physical limitations to find creativity and friendship, even with the guards; and her use of those powerful “big” dreams that come along to provide us with meaning and revelation in hard times. Inviting others into her transpersonal orientation, Jules sensitively teaches mindfulness meditation, gratitude practices, and ways to cultivate the resilient self for the tremendous growth possibilities available in times of crisis. Finally, she reminds us that we are not our stories or our beliefs, but so much more. This book for personal growth in a time of crisis, and well worth reading."

John C Robinson Ph.D.

"Navigating Loss in a Time of Crisis" is an owner's manual for the soul. It provides a complete set of directions, exercises that, step-by-step, take us into ourselves. During a time when we have lost so much, this book reconnects us with who we are at our core. She draws on many sources for these exercises; yogic breath work, Buddhist meditation, and Jungian psychology, to name a few. But this is not a showy academic treatise. The COVID-19 pandemic has so disrupted our lives and expectations; it has been heart breaking. Ms. DeVitto reminds us that when we are most broken, we are also most open to new possibilities. Her book is a practical guide that anyone can apply to hearten and strengthen themselves when they need it most." 

Carlos Valdes-Dapena

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