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Beatriz (Bea) Pupo

Bea is  a HSP Transpersonal Coach practitioner, focused on helping HSPs to have better quality of life by providing them with tools of wellbeing and self-awareness so that they can thrive by fully embracing their sensitivity as a strength in any environment.

Bea's Bio

Beatriz Pupo is  currently working as a global leader at S&P Global, based in Brazil. As a manager within the Commodity Insights arm of the company, she is responsible for advising some of the world’s largest companies and governments on the future of biofuels in the energy transition. She is also a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion board member at WINS – S&P Global largest people resource group – focused on gender equity. Amongst other things, within this position, she has been passionate about creating safe spaces for discussions that challenge the status quo and address taboo topics such as menstrual awareness.


Beatriz is focused on bringing her personal experience with mental health and neurodiversity as a Latin, highly sensitive person, to tackle stigmas and inspire a more holistic, conscious approach to wellness and life-work balance in corporations. She has pioneered a full-time work-from-home reality since 2009 and meditation has been a vital part of her life for over a decade now.

Education & Qualifications

  • Wellness Specialist

  • Self-awareness Pioneer 

  • Life-work balance Expert

  • Inclusion Pioneer and Role Model

  • Visionary Global Leader

Work with Bea

Bea offers both in-person session in Santos, SP, Brazil and online session. Book your free discovery session with Bea:

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