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It's free to sign up as an affiliate for Highly Sensitive Humans. As an affiliate, you'll earn 20% commission on any sign-ups for our 8-week course or other services.

Being an affiliate means you receive links that are unique to you. These links will automatically track customers' purchases enabling you to receive a commission with no effort involved!


All you need to do is share the links on social media or embed the codes on your website, promoting our 8-week course or other services.


As an affiliate, not only are you able to make a passive income, you'll also be supporting a good cause - helping to build awareness and access to resources for Highly Sensitive People all around the world.

Follow the easy steps below to join us as an affiliate!

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Step-by-Step Guide.

1) Click here:

2) You'll be prompted to sign up and create your account.

3) Once signed up, you'll be provided with a set of unique links and HTML codes which will track any sales made through your links. You can embed the HTML codes into your website or copy and paste the links into your blog posts, newsletter, websites and social media.

4) Make sure to click on the product specific link 'online 8-week course' to receive a 20% commission for the promotion of this online 8-week course.

5) Download the images below to use for social media. You can share these images alongside your unique buttons and links.

6) You will receive a commission as a monthly lump-sum via PayPal after the end of each month.


7) If you're not sure how being an affiliate works or you have specific questions, book a free phone call here >>

Social Media Images

Download and use the following images to promote the online 8-week course. You can use these alongside your unique links - in your emails, website, social media or blog posts. These images will be updated regularly. 


How does the affiliate programme work?

When a buyer clicks your affiliate link, a tracking cookie is placed in their browser. If that buyer makes a purchase within six months of clicking that link, you will receive a 20% commission from the purchase.

This means that the sales don’t have to happen on your first landing page, and the tracking will still work even if the buyer leaves your site and returns later!


No matter which links you use, whether it is your Common link or a Product link, the tracking will work for any item in your account, so you do not need to worry about referrals being missed if a buyer decides to purchase a different item at a later time. If you introduced them to my site/page who you still gets the credit!

How and when will I get paid?
You will receive your commission as a monthly lump sum via PayPal after the end of each month.
How do I find out more about becoming an affiliate?

The best way to become an affiliate for Highly Sensitive Humans is to schedule a free call to discuss the details >>