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Join our free Affiliate Program.

It's free to sign up as an affiliate for the Highly Sensitive Human Academy™. As an affiliate, you'll earn a 30% revenue every time someone signs up for the 3-month online Professional Training: How to Coach Highly Sensitive People and other courses and training in the academy.

To be an affiliate you and your company need to align with our mission and vision at Highly Sensitive Humans. We are committed to building awareness and empowering Highly Sensitive People all around the world.


You will receive links that are unique to you and these links will automatically track customers' purchases enabling you to receive the generous 30% revenue.

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Step-by-Step Guide.

1) Click here to apply to be an affiliate for the Highly Sensitive Human Academy

2) If successful, you'll be provided with a set of unique links and HTML codes which will track any sales made through your links.

3) You'll be sent images and text to make it easy to share on social media and in your newsletter or blog.

4) You will receive a commission as a monthly lump sum via PayPal after the end of each month.


5) If you're not sure how being an affiliate works or you have specific questions, book a free phone call here >>

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